maandag, januari 02, 2006

:: De muzikale aanwinsten van vandaag

2 tips van Leo Blokhuis: Het debuutalbum van Maximo Park - A certain trigger & de nieuwe plaat van Neil Diamond - 12 songs.
All Music Guide over het album van Neil:
Calling 12 Songs Neil Diamond's best album in three decades may be a little misleading: truth be told, it doesn't have much competition in his discography. While Diamond never stopped making albums, he did seem progressively less interested in recording sometime after the Robbie Robertson-produced 1976 album Beautiful Noise.
...this (12 songs) presents a side of Neil Diamond that's never been heard on record and, in the process, it offers a new way of looking at the rest of his catalog — which is a pretty remarkable achievement, but the best thing about 12 Songs is that it's simply one of the most entertaining, satisfying albums Diamond has ever released.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Anoniem10:42 p.m.

    Staat "love on the rocks" er ook op? Anders kun je hem beter meteen het raam uitslingeren..

  2. Vandaag naar De Wereld draait door gekeken zie ik...die Neil Diamond is fucking briljant !!!

  3. Anoniem6:42 p.m.
    Rating: 4.1



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